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Into Something I could touch

Title: Into Something I Could Touch
Author: ezra_t
Pairing: Eric/Ryan (unrequited)
Rating: You Decide
Disclaimer: As much as I wish I did own Ryan and Eric the sad truth is is that I don't. I'm just borrowing them for the time being.
Summary: Some times you just need to let it all loose.
Warnings: Very light hint of slash
Authors Note: Written in 2007.

The storie can be found at that link below.

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Please Read!...CSI Miami Request/Challenge

I an never seem to write stories that are my own idea and it bugs the crap out of me because I have some great ideas and I wish I could find the words to say them but when ever I try to let them out they come out all wrong.
But anyways if anyone wants to take up any of my ideas and write them into stories go right ahead, just be sure to let me see them please!

The Challenge

[1] And It's All Down Hill From Here
* Tim must be dead (sorry folks but that fact does not change) = [
* At some point you must make it clear (somehow) that Ryan and Tim's relationship was more than just friendship.
* In one scene Mrs. Speedle has to go to the crime lab and request to see her 'son' (in which everyone stares at her strangely) until Ryan comes and says "Mom" accidentally letting the cat out of the bag (of course everyone is surprised).
* Eric and Ryan must be at each others throats prior to the 'incident', and Ryan must still be somewhat of an outcast to everyone except Alexx (she already knew from Ryan earlier on, since he is her 'son' of sorts).
* (optional) Ryan and Tim had a 'family' prior to Tim's death. A young adoptive son or daughter that no one at the lab knows about (well duh!).
* (a must)Eric and Ryan eventually get together
* If it's only one chapter it must be long, preferably more than three chapters (I want it long and lasting)

You can have anything else you like in the story as long as it meets those requirements at some point. Don't forget it's still your story just with a few bits of my ideas. It's still your masterpiece.
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Just Wondering If Somone...

...would make a Eric/Ryan slash (song)fic based off of the song Home, Animal I Have Become or (I Hate)Everything About You by Three Days Grace?
Preferably Ryan's POV not that I would oppose an Eric one (I'll take what I can get).
It could have the lyrics in the story if you want.
I just want to read a story where they've had enough of each other, but can't seem to escape each other either.
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2 - Mac/H prompted ficlets

These two bits kind of go together in the order they're listed. I wouldn't call one a sequel per se, they're just complimentary.

Title: It's All Relative
Author: roximonoxide
Prompt: Sex
Rating: FRAO (adult)
Warnigns: smex. slashy smex.
Paring: Horatio Caine / Mac Taylor
Summary: First time.
Disclaimer: Like so many other things I want, they don't belong to me.

[ 'Or maybe New York has hardened you.' ]

Title: Comfortable Hedonism
Author: roximonoxide
Prompt: Rose
Rating: FRAO (adult)
Warnings: slashy sex stuff. nothing crazy.
Paring: Horatio Caine / Mac Taylor
Summary: First time.
Disclaimer: Not mine don't sue.

[ Like he was under oath ]

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NY/Miami x-over ficlets

Two Mac/Horatio slash/pre-slash ficlets.

Title: The Longest September Mac Taylor Ever Lived.
Prompt: Funeral
Author: roximonoxide
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Mac/Horatio
Content Warning: pre-slash.
Summary: Horatio is there for Claire's funeral.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

[ Horatio and Mac against a somber fall skyline ]

Title: Paternal Instinct
Prompt: Paternal
Author: roximonoxide
Rating: FRT
Pairing: Mac/Horatio
Content Warning: slash, established relationship.
Summary: Mac does have paternal instinct.
Disclaimer: I own nothing.

[ Kids just didn't like him. He wasn't any fun. ]

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MOD POST- Important!

There are another fic prompt table and a fanart table so if anyone wants to change their claim feel free. Due to this I'm also changing the tags.

Sorry if this causes any annoyance to anyone!

The second prompt table for fic is a romance one. I made it cause I thought a lot of people would be interested in it.

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Mod Post: Help Please

Hey, As you can probably tell the info page is in need of a lot of work! I can't exacty figure out how to get it looking good. I want the prompt table on the info page and different size fonts etc. As well as the words Claim Table, Hall of Fame etc to be the hyperlinks- I can not figure out how to get them to do that *whistles innocently* If anyone is willing to help me. I'll make them a mod. plus the first two members get to be mods if they wish to be.

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